Aurora Rose


We recently sat with Aurora Rose and asked a few quickie questions. Turn on’s and Turn offs…..

First Name: Aurora Rose ?

Where are you from? Newcastle UK ??

Turn ons? Lovely TEETH! ? A cool accent. Boys with long surfer hair, the smell of sauvage aftershave, a good personality and intellect is important a aswell as looks. Being spanked too ?

Turn offs? Bad breath and bad sense of fashion, humour and a stinking ‘the world owes me something’ attitude. It doesn’t ???

Biggest Sin? Mmmm biggest sin is probably Shopping! I just can’t actually help myself. I see something I like and just have to have it ?

Favorite things in life? My favourite things in life are travelling, Singing, modelling & chilling with my best friend Libby watching gossip girl xoxo

If you could work with anyone in or out of the industry, who would it be? A magazine as an intern, I would love to get on the creative side. If I had to pick a person to work with though it would either be Lil Xan or Lana Del Rey.

Favorite quote of all time? I have to pick one? Damn… Okay so. ‘The greatest thing you will ever learn is to love and be loved in return’ – Moulin Rouge

What’s the first thing that catches your eyes when meeting a potential partner? First impressions aren’t always everything however, I look at they’re smile, eyes and the way they dress. It’s not all about the way someone looks but it’s a bonus! They have to be funny and put up with me being a princess ??

So we read somewhere that you were bullied as a young princess? What was that like and what would you say to them now? Yes I was bullied bad in school, college, jobs, girls, boys even in the workplace in the past. What I would love them ALL to know now is Thank you for making my life hard because if anything you made me stronger and I have thick skin. I made it to where I want to be while they are probably sick working a 9-5 they hate. Now all of you want to be me or be with me. Oh the irony. TEAM UGLY DUCKLING ?✌?

photographer Chriss Cinçon
Instagrams: @xojaneybearxo @aurorarosemodel
Chris- @iamchriss.c

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