Azariah Ilyarana


Azariah Ilyarana first applied with us a few years back when she was only 17, she’s legal now and making her FRONT debut just for us…….. We are honored!

What town are you from? Cuckfield

What are you up to right now?
Laying in bed nibbling on some toblerone, cuddled up to my Pokémon plushies, while watching anime on good old Netflix!

5DM36708Are you into tatts and piercings?
I absolutely love tattoos and piercings I find them so sexy and appealing, I have both tattoos and lots of piercings. Currently I have my ears pierced all the way up, a vertical labret, smiley, double nose ring, nose stud other side, septum and my fav piercings of all … my nipple piercings. Cause they look so cute! As for tattoos I have little finger tats, a small forearm piece that is yet to be finished and expanded as well as a spine piece I spent 2 years designing! I’ve got lots of ideas for more tattoo designs though!

5DM36784What’s your booze of choice?
Cocktails and jager bombs! Tequila used to be my friend but after a heavy night out I haven’t been able to stomach it since :’(

What’s your perfect night out?
Getting dressed up with my Goth girls in our big demonias  and going to get obliterated in London, starting at worlds end pub then moving on to an alternative club like the electric ballroom where we can head bang and scream our hearts out to some awesome rock and metal!

Your first ever gig?
The Pretty Reckless, but Taylor Momsen didn’t get naked like she had at her previous gigs. Sad times.
5DM36807Got any secret passions?
I do fire dancing! I learned to do poi when I was younger and recently bought Kevlar wick poi which I soak in paraffin and light on fire to dance with!

Anything else that you’re itching to tell us?
I work for Ann Summers so I always have a large collection of lingerie to prance around my room in, as well as lots of naughty toys to play with! And yes, I’ve seen some of your parents while working 😉

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