Can You Skate The Silk Road? | HOTEL UZBEKISTAN Part 3


Patrik Wallner’s trilogy of skate edits from Uzbekistan concludes, as Ethan Loy, Vladik Scholz, Pasha Kuznetsov and Rob Wootton hit Samarkand. Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva used to be way stations on the Silk Road.

Central Asia was a perfect meeting point for merchants travelling between Europe, Middle East, Russia, China and India. With all the cultural and scientific exchanges between people from all over the world, Uzbekistan was once more advanced than many countries in the region. Many of their stunning ancient citadels, mosques and madrasas are still there.

Central Asian architecture manages to give their buildings their own special look. Uzbekistan – and Central Asia in general – is a very intriguing region to tour on a skateboard. It might be not the easiest place to go, but this is one of the reasons also why it has managed to preserve its authentic style and heritage. It’s always cool to visit somewhere that looks like nowhere else in the world.

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