From Russia with Love – Ura Pechen


Ura Pechen, the man behind the camera.

Here at Foltles, we have been known to showcase some of the most beautiful women on the planet. We aren’t stopping but thought we should highlight some of the magic that happens on the other side of the lens…….. We give you Ura Pechen.

There is very little know of this photographer / retoucher / director but from what we do know, Ura Pechen is a phenomenal photographer based out of Russia. He has captured some of the most beautiful women on the planet with his erotica style mixed with fitness. Ura has been blowing up the internet for over a year now and expect to see a lot more of his work…

After spending some time searching Ura out we had come a cross some video’s where Ura had either been directing the music video or has been the director of photography, either way. The outcome has been tantalizing and leaving you wanting more!

Check out more of Ura Pechen’s erotica gallery at VK.COM

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