Netflix and Chill with Tianna Gregory



I’m gonna take this chance to talk about some shows on Netflix, that are to die for like Tianna Gregory,…… Yeah right, this is where the chill comes into play.

For this set, I didn’t use any flash or any type of artificial lighting. We just used the soft window light coming in on her left side. Soft light at an angle, if used the right way, will bring out definition in the body.

Tianna and I have done this plenty of times and the first time we tried this type of lighting was during our 2nd shoot. The tricky part of this lighting is making sure that you get enough definition in the face. Lucky for us this room had a big mirror in it that helped reflect the light around the room.

This room was small so I shot this set with a 24mm then threw on my 85mm and shot through the mirror which allowed us to make the room seem bigger. Jessica brought us this sweater and as soon as T and I saw it we had to shoot in it. – Martin Murillo

Model: Tianna G
Hair/MUA: Laetitia
Stylist: Jessica Fang

Tianna Gregory x Media-Monsta in Hawaii May 26th-31st 2014

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