Poolside with Kristen and the Wolf


True Beauty and the Beast

Full Name: Kristen Evelyn Baier


Hometown: Torrance, LA

Brief Description: Born in rasied in the city of angels I’m living the on the wild side of the tracks with sex, drugs, booze and rock n roll, motorcyclist, wolf mother & mermaid. Traveling the free world as a nomadic outlaw with my side kick all white Siberan Husky Named arcticus we go to in to with my longboard on my hip. Born a drifter as an unknown legend stealing lighting from the heavens

Tattoos and Piercings: Tattoo’s where and why? Ill start with what I got tatted first I have 2 sparrows holding a banner that says (California R.I.P) with an anchor behind it on my lower stomach, why I got it I just thought it was cool also born and raised in la so its a way of me saying ill always miss that part in my life and that place & its salior jerry themed because in a past life I was a pirate

2nd My mermaid scales so where do I start I was born in San Clemente, Ca right on the beach as my father says, I am a Pisces Neptune is my ruling planet, the feeling I get when I’m by the ocean is nothing I could explain surfing takes me out of this world wish i could do it everyday. I watched the little mermaid everyday as a kid so maybe it just brain washed me into wishing i was a real mermaid & this tattoo is the closest i could probably get to the real deal

3rd I got a feather on my ride side rib it was free and i thought i wanted it and now i dont ill get it covered up some day but idk what to do with it maybe a bear because of my last name I dont know when im sure ill do something about it

4th my side piece on my left side It’s the Native American story of why the lone wolf is alone.

The wolf and the owl for one night forgot their differences and sang together under the moon. As the songs slowly ended, The wolf and the owl stared deeply into each other’s eyes and a tear of sorrow fell to the Earth. For although there was much magic in their hearts, it was their eyes that saw the Truth. She was of the Sky People and he was of the Earth Clan. And they knew this could never be.
The wolf slowly turned and began to walk away with his head down in sadness. The owl flew away into the night sky, shedding tears of heart break. And that is why late at night, when you’re alone, you can hear the howls of the wolf for he looks to the moon to sing a song he shared with someone so special. And that is why in the late evenings you hear the hoot songs of the owl. For she is asking, “Who has seen the one I love”

I got it done by Lars Van Zandt who works at Iron Tiger Tattoo in Columbia, Missouri. the tattoo represents to me that no matter how beautiful or skilled you are doesn’t mean life will work in your favor in life your born alone so no matter what you do you will also die alone and that’s the fate of life. I’ve have to be strong to and not need anyone, like the lone wolf is the strongest of them all even though he walks alone. All of my tattoos are a story of my past, present and future. They tell my life story for me.
5th I have the alchemy symbols of my birthday
Daughter of Neptune
Child of the sun
element of water
The ruling planet of February is Neptune the element for pieces is water & sun for the 28th day of February is ruled by the number one eager to ride to the top, highly opinionated & strong creativity with a firing personality making the sun the center of this Pisces being

February 28th every year the sun will be in the same location every planet has a different frequency and take more or less time to go around the sun compared to earth. Hence all other planets will be in a different location every year on February 28th.
so i put it on my chest as it is a center of my being

6th is my arrow on my wrist and it after the Harry Nelson song me and my arrow. I’ve had snake bites and spider bites and a nose ring but the lip ones were messing up my teeth so I stop wearing them and I think a nose ring is very 2007.

Favorite Music? Rock n’ Roll baby

Favorite Movie? Thats a hard one but i think ill have to choose Disneys Alice in Wonderland

First concert? Backstreet boys when I was 9 at the Los Angles stapes center

Ideal Night Out? beach during the day Disneyland at night with arcticus my family and friends, drugs, booze, riding my motorcycle with a side cart for arcticus, & Metallica in concert

Ideal Night In? mary jane, edibles, arcticus, a super hot ripped guy movies, drugs, booze cuddles with good food and cool night lights around us maybe in a tree house or those glass igloos under the aura lights

Bums or Boobs? neither brains

Favorite Feature? on me? or some one else? someone else is body me id say my eyes

Favorite thing on 4 wheels? motorcycle with a side car

Most extreme thing ever done? surfed during a storm lol pretty stupid ik

Girl Crush: Margot Robbie/ @itslaurendotcom & @okaspen

Guy Crush: Heath Ledger

Sneakers or Heels? Boots

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