SkittlePop – Taste the Rainbow


We hooked up with Skittlepop to revisit her post from before and picked up a never before seen set….. Hope you enjoy the rainbow!

Full Name: skittlepop

Age: 23

Hometown: I’m from a little town in Kent called maidstone.

Brief Description: Haha people describe me as tiny. My boyfriend won’t hold my hands cause they’re so little they freak him out. I’m hyper and bubbly most the time but if something has to be said I’m not afraid to say it. My mouth gets me in trouble sometimes.

Tattoos and Piercings: Well I’ve got tattoos almost everywhere. Oh n i used to Work in a piercing studio so became a guinea pig.
I guess one of my weirder tattoos is the cat skull on my leg or maybe my pikachu. I base my tattoos on memories and experiences rather than the fact it looks pretty.
Also I guess getting my neck tattooed was a huge step. As it’s constantly visible! I still want to extend what I have and actually get the rest of it coloured !
Hopefully by the end of the year I  have added a few more or finally finished what I’ve got.
Think one of my favourites is the kingfisher on my shoulder done by a guy called Adam chandler who owns three crows tattoo in Canterbury !

Favorite Music? My music taste is literally such a mix !! I mostly like grime and drum n bass thou! Anything with a good beat !!

Favorite Movie? My fav film !! Ahh gotta be betweeen big hero 6 suicide squad and how to train your dragon!
I kinda relate to harley … take that however you want !!

First concert? My first concert was bullet for my valentine back in my emo days!!! I remember getting to the front and getting absolutely crushed oh n I got kicked in the face by a crowd surfer!

Ideal Night Out? Night out has gotta be either at the pub attempting to play pool or if there’s a decent event on getting sweaty and skanking at a drum n bass rave. I either take it easy or go all out !!

Ideal Night In? Night in !!! Having a smoke and taking the piss outta each other …. my night is even better if there are cats involved… I sometimes let the neighbours cat in so I’m not lonely.

Bums or Boobs? Gotta be bums !!! I can’t change my boobs but I can get a better ass the more I put in at the gym !! Lots of squats !!

Favorite Feature? Feature on me or someone else!! If it’s me my eyes or bum !!

What Would You Do in a Zombie Apocalypse? Zombie apocalypse! I’m literally waiting for this day I like to think I would pull of some bear grylls kinda shit. I’m good at paint balling so I kinda assume I would survive but realistically I’m so clumsy I would probablt trip and fall then have my brains eaten.

Girl Crush: Girl crush !! Rebecca crow she’s crazy and hot

Guy Crush: Guy crush  a drum n bass mc called azza!! Seen and met him a few times ! Not everyone’s cuppa tea. It he’s defiantly a bit of me !

Sneakers or Heels? Sneakers all the way I’m not very girly but i can scrub up well!

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