Submission Sunday – Bailey


Nothing sweeter than a Sinful Sunday post from our Submission emails….. Meet Bailey.

Full Name: Leslie Goodrich

Age: 29

Hometown: Bethel Island CA

Brief Description: Im a traveling model from Northern California Ive been modeling since i was 17 and loving it… I plan to move to Hollywood to expand my modeling and start acting as well. I love what I do and cant wait to see my modeling and image get well known! Only way to do that is work with as many known photographers and agencies. Got to get my face and photos out there…

Tattoos and Piercings: I have 6 of them and I plan on getting more I’m just not sure what yet. I have a monarch butterfly on my wrist because I love how they look and fly around so free. I have an anchor and heart on my right hand my love for my son myself and where I grew up, a house on the water. I’m a California river rat.. 4stars on my tummy I got in Vegas, I just wanted a tat lol…on my leg I have a rose and Bettie Page. I love pin up and Bettie is my fav..

Favorite Music? I love pop music and anything I can sing along to

Favorite Movie? My fav movie is “Never been kissed” with Drew Berrymore

First concert? First concert was Kiss i went to allot because my sister work for Concord Pavilion

Ideal Night Out? Night out would be good food drinks and lounge or dive bar

Ideal Night In? Night in pizza blunt and a movie

Bums or Boobs? I like my butt more than boobs …. But I do have big boobs lol

Favorite thing on 4 wheels? I love cars my fave is Porsche

Most extreme thing ever done? I don’t do much extreme stuff but I did go snowboarding.

Girl Crush: Sara Sampaio

Guy Crush: Brad Pitt

Sneakers or Heels? I love heels and how they make me feel but I love chucks too lol

Photos by Brian Barreto

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