Virtual Geisha – Sylvia


I stumbled across the “Virtual Geisha” by pure chance and as you will see, you’ll be glad I did!


Turns out Sylvia explored her sexual freedom directly out of high school, secretly of course. Yet she told us that after having a near death experience, she made her decision to live life on her terms and we are glad she did….. Support her visual arts by visiting her Patreon site.


Enjoy her interview and get to know “The Virtual Geisha!”

Full Name: Virtual Geisha or Sylvia

Age: 19

Hometown: Somewhere in Asia

Brief Description: I started to create this sort of content the week after I turned 18, as it was something that had always fascinated me. I find it exhilarating, yet it simultaneously gives me a medium in which I can freely express myself in a sensual and sexual manner. I am multiracial and grew up in an international setting, thus themes such as identity of self, what is moral or taboo, were always left in somewhat of a blur. Virtual Geisha is an art project of sorts which is also an extension/facet of myself- to try discover who am I as an individual, as well as a coming off age sexual being.

Tattoos and Piercings: Six ear piercings is as exciting as I get.

Tattoo’s where and why? I have unfortunately none but am planning to get some in the next few years.

Favorite Music? Indie/Rn&B/Alternative/Movie soundtracks

Favorite Movie? Tekkonkinkreet

First concert? ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’ by Mozart

Ideal Night Out? Getting some great Korean street food or Sushi followed by wandering around a beautiful city at night with people I care about. I also love night markets, especially those in Asia!

Ideal Night In? Alternating between; cuddling, having deep talks and fucking with the bae. Food has to be somehow involved as well. Also enjoy cooking an elaborate meal from scratch at home with my close friends and just talking about life.

Bums or Boobs? Bums all the way!

Favorite Feature? My eyes.

Favorite thing on 4 wheels? Food trucks (I just love to eat).

Most extreme thing ever done? Probably starting this as a career, I did it at first in secret in order to gain freedom and financial independence from my parents. A few months later after having a near death experience (had severe internal bleeding from a ruptured cyst) I moved out. I was still 18 and had just freshly graduated from my high school, but strongly sensed that life is too short to be doing things that don’t make me happy. I moved to Europe and it was quite a big change for me, compared to the life I used to have in Asia.

Girl Crush: A Reddit poster called Dollywinks and Liara Roux.

Guy Crush: Kai from the Kpop band Exo.

Sneakers or Heels? Sneakers! Practicality wins in my book.

Photos courtesy of The Virtual Geisha

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